ATV Team building


Tired of sitting in the office?

Are you tired of sitting in the office? Looking for something to bring your team together? we provide the best ATVs for you and your team. We are ready to welcome groups of up to 8 to 10 people. With us, adrenaline will invade each cell, so we are waiting for you with heated engines!



Teamwork brings great benefits. In this regard, the team buildig we think of proposes you to recharge your batteries with friends or family, eat healthy and have fun activating a variety of games or darts.


Eat in the middle of nature

Eating in the middle of nature, in the fresh air, must remind you of childhood, grandparents or the most precious time spent with your loved ones. In addition to the adrenaline that you inject with your ATV outing, we offer you a picnic or a delicious tea that will delight your taste buds. Traditional food unites us, and enjoyed in the form of a traditional Romanian plateau - outdoors, with friends or family becomes an unforgettable memory. Besides, the food made in small fire - with wood and with all your loved ones besides, guarantees a perfect kettle that will remain in your mind for a long time.